Foremost Wood is a professional supplier of plywood and wood products for a variety of industries. Since founded in 2004, Foremost is committed to providing all of our customers with optimal quality plywood and other wood products and solutions in an economical and timely manner.

Over the years, we have striven to continually improve the products and services that we provide, so that we are always evolving to best meet your needs. Our team of long-term, knowledgeable and experienced staff is here to provide you with exceptional service.

Our existing customers all appreciate the quality and service we provided. We hope to enjoy the same relationship with you in the near future.

Mission and Value

Foremost Wood is committed to providing all of our customers with optimal quality Plywood, MDF, OSB, Melamine board and other wood products in an economical and timely manner.


Customer Satisfaction

That is our PRIMARY GOAL. As a customer driven company, we provide our customers with best products and timely solutions for their needs, designed to fit Customer needs, on time and at fair prices.

Constant Improvement

We believe that we can always improve. We hold ourselves accountable in every circumstance, diligently working every day to improve our products, meet more of our customers’ needs, stay focused and become the best in the industry. Our discipline and attention to detail sets us apart from our others.


To dedicate ourselves to the purpose for being in this business. It is necessary that we all work together, effectively, intelligently, in harmony.


Honesty is the best policy. Be honesty  in all our dealings — with customers, suppliers and each other.


We’re Serious About Sustainability.

As a manufacturer and supplier of products made from natural resources, it’s our responsibility to make sure those resources are protected and responsibly managed. Foremost Wood is deeply committed to the preservation of our environment and to minimizing our impact on it. We believe that forestlands are precious natural resources that need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Not only do we source wood products from well managed natural forests, but many products come from certified plantation forests as well. We realize that a healthy environment is essential for the well-being of our industry, our society, and our families.

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