Project Description

Okoume plywood (Sanded Plywood) is durable, it’s beautifully-figured grain and smooth surface provide an excellent base for exterior and interior use.

Face/Back: Okoume
Core: Poplar, Hardwood, Combi, etc
Standard sizes(mm): 1220×2440, 1250×2500, 920×920, 850×2050.

Customized size are available.

Standard thickness(mm): 2-30
Glue: E0, E1, E2, MR, WBP, Melamine
Grading: BB/BB, BB/CC
Moisture content(%): 5-14
Density (kg/m3): 520
Thickness Tolerance(mm): below 6mm: +/_0.2mm;  6mm-30mm: +/_0.5mm
Application: Can be widely used in indoor and outdoor
Package: Standard export packing
MOQ: 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Delivery Time: Within 15 days after order confirmed

Okoume (aucoumea klaineana) also known as gaboon or combogala, it is a fast-growing, plantation-grown tropical hardwood. Okume is lighter and more flexible. It is ideal for counter tops, laminations, kitchens, and other interior works, as well as for marine applications such as kayaks and canoes, hulls with pronounced curves. It is a durable and handsome hardwood.

Okoume is light pink in color with a variable clear, beautifully-figured grain. Its attractive appearance means that it is often used decoratively as the top surface veneer in paneling and furniture, in solid form in luxury items such as boxes for cigars or other high value items. When properly finished, Okoume plywood can be used for a wide variety of woodworking jobs. Okoume plywood is great for cabinet, shelving, dollhouses, bookcases, wine racks, entertainment centers and numerous other projects. With the proper finishing, your okoume plywood panel project will look like you hired a professional.

The tight grain of okoume surface is with very smooth, it provide an excellent base for exterior use, including boat building. Okoume plywood is chosen because of high durability and highly stable nature to meet performance under marine environment.

We have commercial plywood, furniture plywood, packing plywood, exterior construction plywood,etc.

Choose Foremost Wood okoume plywood, choose excellent quality. High durability, high stable, attractive appearance, easy to work !

  • Beautifully-figured grain, attractive appearance
  • Layer evenness
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Sanded perfectly smooth
  • Excellent strength
  • Fine finish
  • High impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Effectively holds nails
  • Can be painted or stained
  • A broad range of size and thickness. Customized size are available.
  • Widely used in indoor and outdoor


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