Project Description

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)  is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility.

Material: Mixed wood
Standard sizes(mm): 1220×2440, 2500×2070, 2500×2100.
Standard thickness(mm): 2-25
Glue: E0, E1, E2
Moisture content(%): 5-14
Density (kg/m3): 720-840
Interior or Exterior Use: Interior
Application: Can be widely used in indoor
Package: Standard export packing
MOQ: 1*20GP. Less is acceptable
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Delivery Time: Within 15 days after order confirmed

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is made from wood fibers extracted from wood residues and binded together with resins and wax at high temperature and pressure.It is a non-structural, interior product and one of the most rapidly growing composite board products to enter the world market in recent years. MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility.

Medium Density Fiberboard has a consistent structure and density and a very smooth surface. This makes it suitable for routed, lacquered and painted finishes. Due to their strength, MDF panels can be machined and finished to a high standard and are manufactured for a variety of purposes for both interior and exterior applications. MDF takes well to stain, paint, and sealing and joins easily to other materials with adhesive products such as gorilla glue, wood glue, and a variety of other glues.

Working with MDF is the same as working with real wood. You don’t need any new skills or special tools. In fact, you are likely to find that, compared with sawing and attempting detail work with solid lumber, Medium Density Fiberboard is much more pliant. For smaller projects, such as bookcases or cabinetry, it’s user- and budget-friendly. Plus, its surface accepts paint well and also provides a welcoming base for a thin veneer layer.

MDF has become one of the most recognisable expressions in construction and design applications. Smooth, resistant, consistent, environmentally friendly.

  • MDF has a smooth surface that is ideal for painting, grain printing or the application of paper foils and veneers.
  • MDF can be worked easily with all conventional woodworking machines.
  • MDF saws cleanly and drills easily.
  • Shapes and routs well, without splintering or chipping.
  • Free of natural defects.
  • Provides a smooth sanded surface for a precision finish.
  • Design provides superior holding for screws and fasteners.
  • Can be finished with varnish or either oil or water-based paints.
  • Sanding and cutting MDF creates dust. We advise the use of dust masks, eye protection and use of dust extractors on electric saws. Do not cut in confined spaces.
  • Uses include joinery, cabinet making, wardrobes, paneling, boxing in, furniture, shelving bookcases, modelling, dolls’ houses, castles, jigsaws, shop fittings, internal
    joinery and architectural mouldings.


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