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PVC edge banding is a decorative material used to finish and seal raw material edges. PVC edge banding offers a strong robust way to seal board edges, it is very hard wearing, can absorb impacts and has a high scratch resistance.

 Item: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Edge banding

PVC Edging

Width: 12~20mm         -0.2, +0.5mm
21~54mm         -0.2, +0.8mm
Thickness: 0.4~0.7mm      +/- 0.05mm
0.8~1.5mm      +/- 0.1mm
1.6~2.0mm      +/- 0.15mm
2.1~3.0mm      +/- 0.2mm
Color: Woodgrains,  solid colors
Surface Finish: Smooth, High Gloss, Matt and texture
Primer: Is applied and covers 100% of the underside surface.
Gloss: Is measured using a 60° angle gloss meter
Application: MDF, Particle Board, etc  interior use
Maintenance: To clean PVC surfaces, use ordinary soap and water with a clean cloth,

sponge or soft paper towel

Characteristics: Durable, odorless, can be colored and printed, easy to work with.

Good abrasion resistance.
Good impact and chipping resistance.

Edge banding is a decorative material used to finish and seal raw material edges such as chipboard; a main component of modern day furniture. Edge banding can be found in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and cubicle areas. Foremoet offers straight edge or shaped edge and curved edge banding.

PVC is one of the best known and most common plastics used for the manufacture of edge bandings. High impact resistant edge bandings for the furniture industry have been manufactured from PVC for over 40 years.PVC is suitable for straight panel processing and curved applications (internal and external radii), offering almost unlimited application capability. With these qualities, today’s furniture industry has found a wide range of uses for this product from office, kitchen and bathroom furniture right through to exhibition, shopfitting and cubicle ranges.PVC edgings give you perfect results. Resilient and durable, PVC edgings can offer clean rounding for edges.

PVC edge banding is the most widely used edging product in the furniture industry with outstanding features of low cost, easy application, fantastic decoration, good physical and chemical properties, etc. Foremost offers both thin PVC edge banding and thick PVC edge banding.

Available in different sizes, thicknesses, widths and colours, our wide range of PVC edgings include many whites & creams, plain colours, and wood grain finishes. The prints we have in stock include smooth, light textured, textured, ash and wood-pore. Apart from supplying a range of 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm thickness PVC edge bandings, we also offer 22mm widths ex stock in 0.4mm thickness. Though the standard unglued roll sizes are normally 300-400 l m, depending on the thickness of the PVC, the roll length varies.

Small order quantities are available.

If you are looking for the best and reliable deals on PVC Edge Banding, then you have come to the right place.

  • Durable, odorless, can be colored and printed, easy to work with.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Good impact and chipping resistance.
  • Ultraviolet rays resistance.
  • Yellowing resistance(can reach grade 4-5)
  • The color won’t become white after trimming.
  • Have good scuff resistance
  • Don’to be deformed


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